St Matthew's, Butterleigh, Burial Ground Map

Working in conjunction with a specialist surveying company, Atlantic Geomatics, we have created a valuable record of the burial ground at St Matthew’s Church in Butterleigh.

The URL for the site is: 

The record comprises a map, with a fully searchable database, which will enable local residents and family history researchers alike to identify the details of known burials in our ancient churchyard.

There is a simple user guide in the help section of the toolbar at the top right of the map

If you know the name of the person you are interested in then you can search for them by clicking on the magnifying glass at the top left of the map and entering the information you have. Alternatively, you can hover the cursor over the memorials identified on the map and bring up the details of the individuals associated with them. If you get a hit you can bring up details of the individuals, including a photograph of the memorial and the entry in the burial register.

A very substantial amount of information has been entered into the system but some of the older records are still being uploaded. There are well over a thousand entries in the registers with the oldest dating back to 1624. In many cases the location of the grave associated with the register entry is not known; we estimate that only about 20% of burials are marked. There are a small number of memorials showing on the map as “unknown” which means we are either unable to make out the name or names on the memorial or conclusively link them to an entry in the register. If you spot any errors or can shed light on any information in the system then please contact us at the email address below

If you have any comments or questions, please contact Nigel Hall at [email protected]

Information about the company we have worked with can be found at: