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1.    THE NAME OF THE SOCIETY shall be The Friends of ST. BRIDGET’S CHURCH, BRIDESTOWE (hereinafter described as "the Society").

2.    THE OBJECTS OF THE SOCIETY shall be to maintain, repair, restore, preserve, improve, beautify and reconstruct for the greater glory of God the fabric of the Church of St. Bridget’s Bridestowe, its boundaries (including gates and hedges), monuments, fixtures, furniture, stained glass, ornaments and other chattels.

3.    POWERS In the furtherance of these objects but not further or otherwise the Society:

a.    may obtain, collect and receive money and funds by way of contributions, donations, sponsorship, subscriptions, covenants, legacies, grants and appeals or by application to any person, person’s body or organisations

b.    may accept and receive gifts of property of any description for or towards the objects of the Society or any of them (whether subject to any special trusts or not) subject to such consents as may from time to time be required by law

c.     may borrow money or enter into other contracts charging all or any of the property of the Society, provided that the Society shall not undertake any permanent trading activities in raising funds for its primary charitable objects and

d.    may do all such other lawful things as are necessary for the achievement of the objects.

4.    THE MANAGEMENT OF THE SOCIETY shall be in the hands of a Committee appointed as follows:

a.    Six members appointed by the inaugural meeting of the Society, (three of whom are to retire by rotation and shall be replaced or re-elected at each annual meeting of the Society ;)

b.    Up to three members to be appointed annually by the Parochial Church Council of Bridestowe.

c.     The Committee shall appoint annually from among its number a Chairman, a Treasurer and a Secretary; and a quorum of the Committee shall be four members.

5.    MEMBERSHIP OF THE SOCIETY any person interested in the objects of the Society who has paid an annual member subscription of at least £6 shall be eligible to be a member of the Society.

Any member who has not attained the age of eighteen years shall not be eligible for election to office or for election to the committee.

Any member may appoint another member to vote on his/her behalf at a meeting of the society (a proxy) by giving written notice to the chairman of the society before the start of the meeting at which the proxy is to exercise the absent members vote.

6.    THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING at which, inter alia, audited accounts of the previous financial year shall be presented by the Committee, shall be held within 28 days of the anniversary of the formation of the Society. The Committee may convene special meetings and shall be required to convene such a meeting upon request from not less than six members, who shall state the business to be considered at the meeting. Not less than fourteen days notice of all meetings shall be given.

7.    THE CHAIRMAN of the committee shall act as Chairman of the Annual General Meeting or any other special meeting. Subject to paragraph 5 above, every member, including the Chairman, shall have one vote and, in the case of equality of voting the chairman shall have a second casting vote. The quorum at any general meeting of the Society (except meetings of the Committee) shall be ten members.

8.    THE COMMITTEE shall, with such consent as by law required, deal with the property vested in the Society by way of sale, mortgage, charge, lease or otherwise, howsoever directed by the Society. A certificate purporting to be signed by two members of the Committee of the Society for the time being in favour of a purchaser, mortgagee, chargee, lessee or grantee, shall be conclusive evidence that such a direction was duly given.

9.    THE INCUMBENT CHURCHWARDENS AND PAROCHIAL CHURCH COUNCIL of BRIDESTOWE retain all their rights and all ecclesiastical law continues to apply to the church.

10. THESE RULES may be varied deleted or added to by resolution passed by a three-fourths majority of the members of the Society present in person or by proxy at a Special General Meeting convened for that purpose and of which notice has been served upon every member of the society in accordance with Clause 6.

11. THE FINANCIAL YEAR of the society shall be 1st December – 30th November.

12. THE DISSOLUTION OF THE SOCIETY may be effected only by a resolution passed by a three-fourths majority of the members present in person or by proxy at a Special General Meeting convened for that purpose and of which notice has been served on every then member of the Society at his last address. If a motion to dissolve the Society is carried by the said majority, the Society's surplus funds, property and assets (if any) shall not be distributable among the membership but shall be transferred to some or all of the objects of the Society as the Society may with the approval of the authority having charitable jurisdiction determine.

13. ANY BANK ACCOUNT shall be opened in the name of the Society and all transactions and documents relating thereto shall require the approval of two members of the Committee of whom one shall be the Treasurer.




At a meeting of concerned residents, held in St. Bridget’s Church, Bridestowe, on 3rd October 2012, it was resolved to inaugurate a 'Friends of St. Bridget’s Church, Bridestowe’ scheme to provide financial assistance to the Parochial Church Council in the exercise of their obligations to care, maintain and repair the Parish Church in Bridestowe.

The objects of the scheme, to be known as "The Friends of St. Bridget’s Church, Bridestowe” shall be:

1. To provide financial help towards the cost of preserving the fabric of the Parish Church

2. To provide financial help towards the cost of repairs necessary to the church building

3. To provide financial help with the cost of the replacement or re-ordering of major items such as rewiring of circuits, space heating, seating, organ, flooring

4. To raise funds for any of these purposes

5. Where appropriate for members of "Friends of St. Bridget’s Church, Bridestowe” to give their personal services for the promotion of the above purposes

"The Friends of St. Bridget’s Church, Bridestowe" will in no way be concerned to provide any financial assistance for the general running costs of the Parish Church including the cost of heating, lighting, the cost of running church services or the provision of candles, or other items required for services.