About Us

The Church, dedicated to the Holy Trinity, is ancient, with fragments of it being Medieval.  It is thought  to  be much older as the Saxons living in Devon had become Christianised long before the arrival of the Normans.  

  It is a Parish church of late C13 origins (1274) with C14 fabric, The north aisle is  C16 with a straight joint clearly visible between it and the chapel.

The tower was struck by lightning in the year 1879 and the church lay in ruins for 20 years.  The then rector   raise money to  partly re-erect the tower,  in 1892 , and the church was opened again in 1904. 

Work on the tower was completed in 1910-1911  and the bells composing of a ring of 3 bells installed in a frame by Stokes in 1910. The bells are dated – treble 1758, second 1625, tenor 1658 were then reinstalled and are still in use though  repairs to the frame are needed.

Our church is in desperate need of repairs, especially the roof and the rainwater goods.  We are working hard to save Holy Trinity but we are a small rural community and we are asking the same people  to help  - those who are supporting the church. 

Holy Trinity is a church with a warm and loving atmosphere,  from the moment you enter the door it encompasses you.  The local people managed to raise enough money to rebuild the tower in late 1800's  - we need to raise money for a new roof 2021.

Holy Trinity is on the 'At Risk Register'.   Please help us and our small community to 'Raise a new Roof'.  

You can now donate via PayPal email - [email protected] or PayPal app paypal.me/holytrinity1274c.

With our grateful thanks.