Church of England Diocese of Exeter Parracombe

Thy Kingdom Come - prayer as caring for others (and receiving care)

28 May 2020, 8:15 a.m.
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Dear Friends,

Jesus call us to "Love God....and your neighbour as yourself" and so often in his teaching he shows that our relationships with each other are integrally linked with our relationship with God. Today is a chance to notice how our impulse to care for others can be a prayer, and how receiving care can be a window into God's love too.

As well as attaching my ideas, I'd also like to pass on the link to the West Exmoor Federation Youtube channel in which Mrs Peachocke talks about Prayer and Care

Do feel free to look at other Collective Worship posts on the channel - it is great for our church communities to reflect with the school community together, thank you Jayne.

God bless