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More about preparing to hold Sunday congregational services

1 Aug 2020, 10:15 a.m.
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Dear Friends,

Thank you to all who have responded to my email last week about beginning to plan for a Sunday service in the Mission Community, both to offer to help, and also to give me a sense of how you are feeling about returning to church (or not being ready to at this time). While everything was in lockdown it seems as though there was a sense of security and of fellow feeling in our society as a whole. We were “all in this together” however frustrating it might be. As the lockdown has eased people are now having different experiences, different reactions, different expectations; and are making different judgements for themselves about what is safe or wise. I think this is totally understandable but it is also creating anxiety and tensions in how people look at others’ behaviour.

It is my hope that as a church community, with the desire to “love our neighbours as ourselves”, we can support one another without anxiety and tension, each to continue our faith journey within the changing pattern of pandemic guidance in the way that is comfortable and feels safe for everyone, in the abiding knowledge that God receives our prayer and worship and is with us whether in church, at home, or in the special places many people have discovered as sacred to them at this time. I will give a very clear picture of what we can expect a Sunday service to be like, and what precautions those attending will need to take. When we have a prospective date for a first service I will also ask if you could give me an idea of whether you are likely to want to come. I know the decision for some will be guided by how many others will be there. As I have said, I will also continue this mail out so those who don’t feel ready to be in church can continue share the reflection we will all continue to share the unity of our prayers.

God bless, Samantha