Church of England Diocese of Exeter Parracombe

Vicar's newsletter for Mothering Sunday

13 Mar 2021, 3:15 p.m.
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Many Blessings on this Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday is also known as “Refreshment Sunday” when we take a break from the Lenten disciplines and enjoy a celebration before travelling closer to Holy week and Easter. I hope in the midst of all this blustery weather you are keeping safe, and are able to find a lightness of life this weekend.

I know that there are lots of emotions caught up in this Mothering Sunday: let’s hold in our prayers all young families who have had a challenging year, all who know the sharpness of bereavement at this time, all who would like to have children, and all who have difficult family relationships, and all who are separated from loved ones because of the pandemic; at the same time as giving thanks for the real importance of mothering at the heart of our society, as a gift that is often undervalued and yet is so vital to community wellbeing, giving thanks for our own mothers and sharing joy with all families whom make this a happy celebration.

In my sermon I have alluded to vigils that were to have taken place this evening (Saturday13th) in memory of a young woman murdered this week in London and in protest against violence against women. They are not able to take place because of Covid restrictions, but I encourage you to take a moment of quiet at sunset (or about 6pm) to pray for all who suffer from gender based violence, and for a world in which our mothers and sisters, our nieces and daughters are always treated with full respect. (Since writing this I have also discovered that the organisers are inviting people to stand at their doorstep with a candle or light or torch at 9.30pm)

Today I want to take the opportunity thank all who take on mothering and leadership roles in our churches (and communities) – without whom we could not function as congregations; and to remember with thanksgiving all those women who have tended to church life in generations past, on whose faith, commitment and generosity we still depend.

Have a happy weekend,

God bless,