Funerals and Memorial Services

Funeral and Memorial Services

The clergy of St. Mary’s are available to conduct funeral services in church, or at the crematorium and cemetery chapels of the area. The funeral director will contact us if you would like us to take a funeral service. We always arrange to meet the family before the funeral, usually in the home, and we value this contact with you. Alternatively, we can meet mourners in church, the parish office or elsewhere to suit you.

There is no space in the churchyard for new grave spaces. There is a plot for cremated remains.

We remember those who have died recently and their families in the daily prayers of the church – you are very much in our thoughts and prayers during your time of great loss.

We will contact you after the funeral with details of ongoing services that may be of help to you.

The church has a Book of Remembrance. Each day, the names of those recorded for that day are included in the prayers of the church. Application forms for an entry in the book are available from the Parish Office in Market Road.

Each year, there is a Memorial Service at St. Mary’s, usually in November. Invitations are sent to all those who have been bereaved within the previous twelve months. Anyone who would like to attend is welcome to do so.

In addition to the Memorial Service, it is also possible to arrange an individual Memorial (or Thanksgiving) Service, especially if for various reasons, a funeral service has taken place elsewhere, but the deceased had connections with Plympton St. Mary. Again, the funeral director can contact us on your behalf, or you may like to make enquiries yourself with the Rev Lizzi Green, telephone 01752 348525