About Us

We do not know when the first local church was built here in Tamerton Foliot, but there is evidence that suggests there has been regular Christian worship here since at least 900AD, and possibly much longer.

There is strong support for the view that St. Indract founded the first church in about 689AD. The list of vicars of the parish starts in 1279AD but there was a church here before this date. The first record of a church building, presumably a Norman structure, occurs in a letter dated 1186 from from the Bishop of Exeter. 

We now have a light and  beautiful building, an ideal location for weddings.

In 2005 we became a mission community with The Church of The Holy Spirit, Southway and more recently have become a Team Ministry with them.

We have an able Choirmaster, a 4-part harmony RSCM Choir and Organist. There are also other musicians who play regularly for some of our other services.

We have a church hall which is available to be rented out to the community during the week  (Contact  01752 791587).