St Nicholas, Child Okeford

St Nicholas’ is one of four parish churches in the Okeford Benefice.

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The Rev'd Lydia Cook

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Dorset DT11 0SL

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Holy Communion

Sunday 25 July 2021, Sunday 22 August 2021, Sunday 10 October 2021, Sunday 09 January 2022, Sunday 13 February 2022, Sunday 13 March 2022, Sunday 10 April 2022, Sunday 08 May 2022, Sunday 12 June 2022, Sunday 10 July 2022, Sunday 14 August 2022, Sunday 18 September 2022 Sunday at 10:30 a.m. for 45m
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The Cross
Child Okeford
Blandford Forum

When you arrive at the church you will be welcomed, invited to sanitise your hands and shown where to sit. You will need to give your name and contact telephone number and you will be given a yellow service card which has all the words on it you say during the service. You need to keep you face mask in place through the whole service.

(From 18th April - please bring a small glass/plastic beaker with you in order to receive wine at communion should you wish to. If you haven't got a cup and would still like to receive, please use one of the glasses provided on a try on the side altar where the wine is distributed. )

During the service we offer various forms of prayer as well as prayers for the needs of God’s world and his people. We hear readings from the Bible and homily of 10 minutes is preached. The priest leading the service offers prayers over bread and wine to celebrate the life and sacrifice of Jesus and to remind us of what he did for us. The bread is then shared out among everyone who is baptised. Please come up to the step to receive the bread holding your hands out in front of you (From 18th April - and then move to the side altar to receive the wine.)
A donation plate is left out at the end of the service for donations for the work of the church. The whole service lasts about 40 minutes.

Eucharist/Holy Communion