About Us

There has been a Christian presence in the communities of Child Okeford and Manston for over 750 years. Manston church dates from the 13th Century with a tower dated 1534. Records show the first church in Child Okeford was built around 1250 and the first Rector is recorded in 1297.

The churches occupy very different situations. Manston church is tucked away beside Manston House and surrounded by trees. There is a mausoleum next to the church built by a Captain Hanham, a previous owner of Manston house, in 1877 for his wife and mother-in-law, whilst he sought permission to build a crematorium in the garden. In 1882, Manston became the site of the first official cremation in the United Kingdom.

The Parish Church in Child Okeford sits right in the heart of the village elevated on a hill. The church works hard at reaching out into the community, holding a broad range of services to attract the old and young, traditional and modern, as well as holding monthly coffee mornings and other community events.

The church has strong links with Child Okeford School (also called St Nicholas). The school uses the church for services twice a term and the Rector visits weekly. Children from the school often make a “pilgrimage” to visit the church and learn more about it.

Church Wardens

Mr. Keith Allen - 01258 860068

Mr. Simon Baird - 01258 860477

PCC Secretary

Mrs. R Allen - 01258 860068

For service times, news and information on outreach, life events and discipleship across the Benefice, please visit https://okefordbenefice.org/