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Church Services from Monday 16th August 2021

As the COVID-19 restrictions ease and most of the legal restrictions are lifted, we need to make decisions as to how we best manage any risks to ourselves and others.

Although it will no longer be a legal requirement to wear a face covering, the Government has stated that it “expects and recommends” that people wear face coverings in crowded and enclosed settings to protect themselves and others.

We are still requesting that those attending services in our church use face coverings at all times.

Under Government guidance there are no longer restrictions on group sizes for attending communal worship.

We are no longer allocating spaces for our services and you will be able to attend without an invitation. All are welcome.

Please continue to be mindful of social distancing and maintain a safe distance from others whilst attending our services.

At the present time there will be no change to the way that we administer the sacrament.

Hand steriliser is still readily available for everyone to use and we strongly recommend that you do so. We will still be cleaning all surfaces and regularly touched services thoroughly. Windows and doors will remain open where possible.

We are all pleased to hear that congregational singing is now allowed! However, some activities can also increase the risk of catching or passing on coronavirus. Therefore, we do request that you wear your face covering when singing.

The Government is asking that venues do continue to ask people to register for venue check in (the QR code) as it will continue to form one of the main ways of them identifying people who may have been exposed to coronavirus. Testing, contact tracing and self-isolation will remain in place as key protections against the virus .

Our QR code will remain on display for you to use. 

We do offer refreshments after our church services each week.

We are continuing to live-stream our 10am service via Facebook Liveeach Sunday. Later in the day we will post the service on our YouTube channel and website. Orders of service for our Sunday morning services are available on our website.

If you do wish to attend in person, please be aware that there will be a camera in church to enable us to broadcast the service. Unless prior consent has been obtained, the camera will avoid children/adults at risk and therefore be angled away should there be any involvement of children/adults at risk during the service. We will ensure that we adhere to Safeguarding Practices at all time.

Please contact either a member of clergy, the churchwardens or the Parish Office if you don’t wish to be filmed.

Please remember that you must adhere to the current Government legislation at all times before, during and after services at St Michael’s. Please check the most up to date legislation.