About Us

We are a friendly inclusive church welcoming people of all ages to our services and our community events. We hold a wide variety of church services to suit everyone from traditional language communions to more informal praise services with a variety of other services in between.

We have a traditional Parish Eucharist with choir at 10am every Sunday (a Family Service on the 3rd Sunday of the month) and an informal service - Together @Six - at 6pm. We have a monthly BCP service at 8.30am and various mid-week services.

We are a church family that likes to reach out into the local community and the wider world.

If you cannot find on this site the information you would like, please see our website (st-michael.org) which gives a lot more information.

We are continuing to live-stream our 10am service via Facebook Live each Sunday. Later in the day we will post the service on our YouTube channel and website. 

If you do wish to attend in person, please be aware that there will be a camera in church to enable us to broadcast the service. Unless prior consent has been obtained, the camera will avoid children/adults at risk and therefore be angled away should there be any involvement of children/adults at risk during the service. We will ensure that we adhere to Safeguarding Practices at all time.

Please contact either a member of clergy, the churchwardens or the Parish Office if you don’t wish to be filmed.

Please remember that you must adhere to the current Government legislation at all times before, during and after services at St Michael’s. Please check the most up to date legislation.