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The little church of St. Peter’s Fugglestone dates from the thirteenth century. It if first mentioned in records of 1291 and its Parish registers date from the year 1568. It stands now at the crossing of the roads to Salisbury and Wilton and offers a fascinating meeting of the ways in other senses too: pop inside and you will find that the only illumination is still produced by Victorian gas mantles, and an organ that is powered by manual bellows, requiring someone to pump it whenever it is played.

In the seventeenth century, George Herbert, poet and priest, was rector of St. Peter’s Fugglestone. At that time, it formed part of the living of ‘Fuggleston-cum-Bemerton’. Between 1631 and 33, Herbert would have preached regularly to his congregation in St. Peter’s, and it is during this time that he also wrote ‘The Country Parson’ and many of his poems.