Parochial Church Council (PCC) Guidance

At the joint PCC meeting on 8th April 2022 there was general agreement that it is time to move forward into a new phase of living with Covid and to amend PCC guidance accordingly

Social distancing Please respect the wishes of those who prefer a bit of extra space – ask before you sit.

Face coverings There are no legal requirements in respect of face coverings. However, please continue to wear a face covering if that is your preference.

Communion (intincted wafers/bread) may be received at the high altar (standing).

Congregational singing Hymn singing, Sung Eucharist and Evensong will be fully reinstated from Easter.

Ventilation doors and windows will be kept open during services as the weather permits.

Zoom services will continue.

If you are feeling unwell or test positive for Covid please stay at home.

Our Christian calling is to care for all our brothers and sisters, particularly those who are vulnerable; and there are times in our lives when every one of us (and those we have close contact with) is vulnerable. We ask that everyone continues to take extra care during our services and respects the wishes and needs of those around us so that everyone feels comfortable and safe.

Rev. Linda Carter on behalf of Bremhill, Derry Hill and Foxham PCCs 8th April 2022.