Prayer is one of our core values at St Barnabas and we believe it is crucial to our faith to both listen, talk and be with God. There are many ways you can join in the life of prayer at St Barnabas. 

Morning Prayer – we start the day meeting together to read a Psalm, some verses from the New Testament, followed by a brief discussion on what we have heard and then spend time praying for the world, local community and for the mission and ministry of St Barnabas Church. To help guide us in the focus of our prayer we have our yearly prayer diary which can be picked up at the back of Church. Morning Prayer happens in the front room between Monday-Thursday 9-9.30am during term time.

Church Prayer Meetings

Each term we have a prayer meeting where the Church family are encouraged to come together to pray for the whole mission and ministry of St Barnabas. Usually an evening will consist of some sung worship and then getting into groups to pray for a specific area of the Church’s life, the life of our community of Istead Rise and the nation.

Prayer Ministry Team

At each service we have a dedicated prayer ministry team who are available to listen to and pray for those who come forward. The team have all been trained and adhere to our ministry guidelines and meet during the year for ongoing support and feedback. 

Prayer Chain

There are occasions when we all need special urgent prayer at specific times in our lives. We have a dedicated team made up of Church members who we call the prayer chain. A prayer request is given and the team are contacted to pray. The team really appreciate being kept up to date with progress and hearing how the person/people are blessed by the prayer. 

Deanery Prayer Group

In Cobham Deanery we have a prayer group who meet 3-4 times a year to pray for the mission, ministry and resources of all the Parishes in our Deanery. The group meet in a different Church each time they meet.