Giving to God at Elmore

Everyone has a gift! Time, talent, enthusiasm, energy.

When we give it to God, at cost to ourselves sometimes, we find he blesses others through it, and he blesses us.

We find the same applies to our money.

When we give generously, sacrificially (the amount is between you and God) he blesses his Church locally and in the Diocese, other people, and he blesses us - not with riches, but certainly with enough for our needs.

So we ask everyone to consider making a regular gift to the Church. It's best not to do this by putting cash in the collection plate because when, like in Covid-times, you can't attend, you can't give.

Instead we encourage everyone to join the Parish Giving scheme and set up a regular donation. To do this simply click on

Find your parish - Parish Giving Scheme and type "Elmore" into the 'Parish name' box under 'Filter results' on the left hand side, and then follow the process.

Thank you and God Bless you

PS As a guide to a realistic level of giving, I would suggest £10 per week or £40 per month. But of course, some will be able to afford less.... and some more!