Church of England Diocese of Norwich Fulmodestone w Croxton

About Us

Christ Church, Fulmodeston

The Revd Francis Mason, Rector of Fakenham Parish Church also serves as Priest in Charge at Christ Church, Fulmodeston with Croxton.

The churchwarden and PCC welcome any suggestions on how to improve and extend the ministry of Christ Church. Feel free to contact the churchwarden with any inquiry or suggestion.

Please contact the Reverend Francis Mason 01328  862268 [email protected]

The Rectory Office 01328 862268, Gladstone Road, Fakenham, NR21 9BZ  
Email: [email protected] 
Postcode for satnav NR21 9BX

Rector: Reverend Francis Mason – [email protected] – Tel: 01328 862268

Churchwarden: Andrew Lee – [email protected] Telephone 01328 878870

Christ Church, Fulmodeston serves a working, rural community in North Norfolk. The building has recently been renovated and the congregation utilises it in as many ways as possible as part of its outreach. Concerts and events frequently take place as well as the regular services. Visit for regular updates on the activity of the civil community and the church. Please also visit:  where you will find a page devoted to Fulmodeston.

At Christ Church, the core services are taken from the Book of Common Prayer and a number are also in modern language from Common Worhsip and elsewhere for special occasions and family services.

The church is open daily from dawn until dusk and we welcome your visit.

Services at a glance

Christ Church, Fulmodeston Services 2018 


4 10.30am Coffee at the Crossroads

5 6.30pm Evening Prayers

12 11.00am Holy Communion

19 No Service

26 6.30pm Evening Prayer


2 6.30pm Evening Prayer

9 11.00am Holy Communion

16 No Service

23 6.30pm Evening Prayer

30 11.00am Matins


7 4.00pm Harvest Festival

14 11.00am Holy Communion

21 No service

28 3.00pm Evening Prayer


4 3.00pm Evening Prayer

11 10.50am Remembrance 1918 – 2018

18 No Service

25 3.00pm Evening Prayer


2 3.00pm Evening Prayer

9 11.00am Holy Communion

16 No service

23 3.00pm Carol Service

25 10.30am Christmas Day Communion

30 3.00pm No service

January 2019

6 3.00pm Evening Prayer for the Epiphany

13 11.00am Holy Communion

20 No service

27 3.00pm Evening Prayer