Marmalade, Jam & More

To brighten up the grey days of Winter, a range of lovely marmalades, home-made by our Parish Treasurer Liz Woodall, will be on sale at the church after Sunday services throughout February and March.  On offer will be lots of different types and flavours (see list below), at prices from £2 to £3.50 for small, medium or large pots. 

Come the Summer, the project will continue with a range of soft fruit jams, using organically-grown fruit from the garden of Liz's family home.  The fruit is all hand-picked and prepared.  More jams and some jellies will be added to the list when damsons and crab apples are available.  Liz's family recipe for Spiced Damson Jam is particularly special!  

This year there are plans for a range of chutneys to go with cold meats and salads, followed by Christmas puddings and mincemeat for Stir Up Sunday at the end of November.  

Last year this scheme raised £500 for our church, so please come and buy to help us beat that target in 2020.  

All the ingredients are locally-grown or sourced from independent suppliers; there are no additives, and everything comes in re-used jars, so this is a very healthy and eco-friendly initiative.  

Contact Liz through the Get in Touch page to reserve produce if you cannot come to the church.  We may be able to deliver in Ludford/Ludlow, but cannot despatch by post, etc.

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Marmalades currently available:

Classic - rich-coloured Seville orange marmalade.

Mild - very light, and gentle on the tongue.

No Peel - a clear jelly marmalade for those who are not keen on peel. 

Old Fashioned - fine-cut peel and fine flavour.  

Oxford - strong and very dark with chunky-cut peel.

Scottish - made to a traditional Scottish recipe, with peel "chipped" rather than shredded. 

Tawny - a darker shade and deeper flavour.

Three-Fruit - a popular mix of Seville orange, lemon and grapefruit, making a bright, fresh marmalade.

Whisky - with a good-sized tot of Scotch.

Lemon and Grapefruit - zingy and fresh.

Pink Grapefruit - delicate colour and flavour.