Parish Finance - COVID-19 Appeal

21st March 2020

At this time of national emergency, wholesale closedown of our normal lives, and cancellation of services and events our prayers are with those suffering from the virus, and that our lives can return to normal as soon as possible.

However in the meantime the church is suffering from a ‘double-whammy’; there will be the expected cost of returning the church to operation following the extensive flooding damage, it is unlikely that the insurance will cover all the costs, and at the same time we suddenly have a total loss of all income. With no services there is no collection income, other than those who give direct from their bank, and already the summer fete, male voice choir, and rogation walk, all major sources of income, have been cancelled. But we still have all the normal bills to pay.

This puts us in a situation where the financial stability, and indeed the existence, of our church is potentially in jeopardy as the length of the shutdown is unknown and impossible to predict.

We are appealing to parishioners and supporters of the St Mary's to consider joining the Parish Giving Scheme, whereby an amount of money, of your choosing, is automatically debited from your account to the church every month, quarter, or annually depending upon the frequency that suits you best. You can also choose to increase your donation annually, in line with inflation. (Prices keeping going up so it would be very helpful if you felt able to select this option.) If enough of us sign up to this scheme we will maintain some income to the church which will put us in a better financial position, and therefore better able to weather this period of shutdown, so that there is a church for us to return to when we are allowed.  Below are some frequently asked questions which may assist you.

Please contact us if you would like more information or would like to sign up.  

Please help your church.


Paul Roberts - Rector
David Lloyd - Treasurer
David Tidball - Parish Giving Coordinator</span>

Will my details be safe?

The Parish Giving Scheme (PGS) has invested in a sophisticated Customer Relationship Management database, which is used by some of the UK's largest charities. It is a secure system which adheres to the Data Protection Act.

What rate of Inflation will be used?

Retail Price Index (RPI) will be used as an independent and well known measure. The scheme will increase all relevant gifts using the rate for January of that year (if this rate is unavailable the rate for the previous January will be used for consistency).

What if I say yes to an inflationary increase, but my circumstances change?

We fully understand that circumstance change; please rest assured that you will be written to 30 days in advance of any increase with the revised amount. If you are unable to meet it, simply let us know.

Can I choose the day my gift is collected?

Unfortunately not. In minimising costs, it is important that all donations are collected on the same day each month, which has been agreed at the 1st.

Will your Parish be charged for this scheme?

There is no direct charge to the Parish for using the Parish Giving Scheme or processing the donation. The annual running costs of the scheme are met by the Diocese.

Why am I donating to the PGS?

In order to claim Gift Aid and manage the donation on behalf of the Parish, it is necessary that the donation is legally given to the PGS who are handling all the administration on the Parishes behalf. The donation is restricted to the Parish and cannot be used by the PGS for any other purposes.

Why can't the Parish offer direct debit?

Direct debiting is a highly regulated system and is only offered by Banks for established businesses or organisations who are considered financially sound and reputable with proven internal control systems.