The Bulletin


We produce a short monthly magazine - "The Bulletin" - together with St Hugh's Durleigh, sharing news and setting out all the events and services for the month. You can read The Bulletin via the links below.

February 2024:                 CLICK HERE

January 2024:                     CLICK HERE

December 2023:                CLICK HERE

November 2023:               CLICK HERE

October 2023:                    CLICK HERE

September 2023:              CLICK HERE

August 2023:                     CLICK HERE

July 2023:                           CLICK HERE

June 2023:                         CLICK HERE

May 2023:                         CLICK HERE

April 2023:                         CLICK HERE

March 2023:                     CLICK HERE

February 2023:                CLICK HERE

January 2023:                   CLICK HERE

December 2022:              CLICK HERE

November 2022:              CLICK HERE

October 2022:                  CLICK HERE

September 2022:             CLICK HERE

August 2022:                    CLICK HERE

July 2022:                          CLICK HERE

June 2022:                        CLICK HERE

May 2022:                        CLICK HERE

April 2022:                       CLICK HERE

March 2022:                    CLICK HERE

February 2022:               CLICK HERE

December 2021:            CLICK HERE

November 2021:            CLICK HERE

October 2021:                CLICK HERE

September 2021:           CLICK HERE

August 2021:                  CLICK HERE                                                                                                                                                                                    

Bulletin_0124, PDF


February_Bulletin_2024, PDF