About Us

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Stogumber is a small village with an active community, and this is equally true of our Church.

On an ordinary Sunday, we have a congregation of about 25, including a dozen in the choir, rising to 50 or more for special services, and up to 200 for Christmas services. 

Some attend every week, and many others come less frequently but are equally welcome. We are happy that a large proportion of villagers feel that St Mary's is their Church and support us in a great variety of ways.

We are an inclusive Church, and welcome to our services children, people with disabilities and infirmities, who are gay, who belong to other Christian traditions, and indeed those without firm religious convictions. People new to the village find the Church a great way to become part of the community. Some people have started coming in later middle age and have gone on to be Confirmed. If you feel uncertain about just turning-up to a service, do get in touch first and we can make sure it is a comfortable experience. 

Our worship tends to be traditional (using vestments and the Book of Common Prayer) but we are not High Church - no 'smells and bells'. Alternate Communion services use Common Worship and we occasionally have less formal services.