Church of England Diocese of Blackburn St. Luke Slyne with Hest

Activities, -Urban Saints

Our Youth group, Urban Saints - Is continuing to meet using Zoom. Please contact Andy Craven for details on 01524 824490

Services are on our Facebook pages and all other weekly activities are suspended during the lockdown.

Sunday: 8am Holy Communion BCP, 

                9.30 Family Communion 2nd and 4th or Family Worship 1st and 3rd

                1st Sunday Holy Communion, 6.30 pm in summer time/4pm winter. 3rd Sunday 6.30pm Cafe Church. 

Monday: C, D E Bar A & B TT matches at MCHS

Tuesday: 11am Holy Communion at the Thorns, first Tuesday of the month.

                 9-10.45 Shining Stars in the Church hall during term time

                 7.00 A & B TT matches in the primary school on shady lane

Wednesday: 9am Morning Prayer

Thursday: 10 -12.00 Church Hall open for a cuppa and a chat and food collection.

                    12.00 Holy Communion

Friday: 7pm Urban Saints, meeting in the Church Hall during term time