Church of England Diocese of Blackburn St. Luke Slyne with Hest


Weekly Activities at a glance:

Sunday: 8am Holy Communion BCP, 

                9.30 Family Communion 2nd and 4th or Family Worship 1st and 3rd

                1st Sunday Holy Communion, 6.30 pm in summer time/4pm winter. 3rd Sunday 6.30pm Cafe Church. 

Monday: C, D E Bar A & B TT matches at MCHS

Tuesday: 11am Holy Communion at the Thorns, first Tuesday of the month.

                 9-10.45 Shining Stars in the Church hall during term time

                 7.00 A & B TT matches in the primary school on shady lane

Wednesday: 9am Morning Prayer

Thursday: 10 -12.00 Church Hall open for a cuppa and a chat and food collection.

                    12.00 Holy Communion

Friday: 7pm Urban Saints, meeting in the Church Hall during term time