Church of England Diocese of Blackburn St. Luke Slyne with Hest


Advent and Christmas events:

<span style="font-size: 1rem;">Sun 30th Dec 10.00 am Ecumenical Family Worship - "Cafe-style Church"</span>

<span style="font-size: 1rem;">PRAYER OUR CHURCH COMMUNITY - We remember those who are not as young or as strong as they once were: especially Mary Watson and those known personally to us. We continue to lift up those who need healing and include: Peter Coopland, Geoff and Dorothy Proffitt, Julia Brotherton; Pat Howarth, William Hartley, Daphne Dale.</span>

OUR VILLAGE PRAYERS - this week we pray for all those who live on Throstle Walk; Lawson Gardens; Lawson Place, especially in the week ahead.


Wednesday 9 am - Morning Prayer 2 pm Mothers’ Union monthly meeting Subscriptions for 2019 will be collected followed by Jacobs’ Join Afternoon Tea

Thursday 10-12 am - Food Bank collection 12 pm - Holy Communion

Sunday 2nd December Advent Sunday

8 am - Holy Communion (BCP)

9.30 am - Family Worship

11.15 am - URC Morning Worship

4 pm - Holy Communion

MOTHERS' UNION - Will EMU members please let Maureen Shackleton have their Annual Subscription of £21 at their earliest convenience.

MOTHERS' UNION -" Ladies of Note" Christmas Concert, Wednesday 5th December at 7pm in St. Luke's Church, Slyne with Hest, Proceeds to MU Overseas. Tickets available from Maureen Shackleton price £6.50. including refreshments.

Advent Hot Chocolate At St Luke's Church 3-4.30 pm each Wednesday in December