Church of England Diocese of Bristol Oaksey

3. Churchyard Regulations 2020

All Saints Church, Oaksey – Churchyard Regulations 2020

As All Saints Church Oaksey is a Cotswold church and a Grade 1 listed building, the following restrictions apply to monuments erected in the churchyard. These restrictions are tighter than the Diocesan regulations and are in addition to them. Click on the link below for full details of these regulations.


The monument is to be in one of the following materials:

– English limestone

– Portland stone

– Purbeck stone

– Nebresina (Roman stone) or stone of the above type and of a Cotswold colour

– English oak

Design of Memorial

The Diocesan regulations apply with the further restriction that the headstone should be plain with a simple curved top. It may have a plain cross engraved on it. Any base should be rectangular. An alternative to the above is a simple cross, or a horizontal tablet let into the ground.

No insert or component of metal, plastic or other material is permitted apart from lead filling of lettering. No painting or colouring is permitted apart from lettering (or the engraved cross if applicable) where the paint used should only lightly contrast with the stone.

No plastic or artificial flowers, or any other unsuitable adornments are permitted to be placed at, on, or near, both existing and new graves/ headstones.

Disposal of surplus material

In excavating a grave, all surplus material must be removed from the churchyard.

Mr. J. Falkingham


Oaksey PCC

Updated 30th August 2020