Banners and Kneelers

The embroidered kneelers in St. Luke's were specially designed and made by individual people and by many organisations in the village. The project was coordinated by a member of the congregation and started in 1977. The last set of kneelers was completed to celebrate the bicentenary of the church building in 1992.

History - The project was started in 1977 and on St Luke's Day, October 18th 1979, the five Communion Rail and two Prayer Desk kneelers with twenty-seven congregational kneelers were dedicated. A set of kneelers for the choir stalls was worked in 1981 and in 1992 a group of kneelers based on the 'I AM' sayings of Jesus contained in St. John's Gospel were dedicated to mark the 200th anniversary of the current church building.

Techniques - The kneelers are worked on monocanvas - 16HPI, in Appletons Crewel wool and include many canvas work stitches. The most common stitches used are Rice, Cushion, Longlegged Cross, trammed Goblin straight, Florentine stitch single and Composite; the main shades used are scarlet and gold. The embroidery is upholstered over a strong reconstituted foam pad.

Handmade banners are displayed on the walls of the nave in St. Luke's at certain times in the church calendar. Designed by a member of the congregation, they are assembled and embroidered by hand, and are a striking reminder of the church season and enhance our worship. A set of four banners has been made for display during Advent and these are followed by a second set of four during the Christmas period. A further set is displayed at Easter.