Redesmere Fete

A major part of life at All Saints is Redesmere Fete, which attracts hundreds of people.

One of the best known and picturesque village events in the region, the fete features the crowning of the Water Lily Queen, so called because she is rowed across Redesmere Lake which was at one time covered by water lilies.

The Queen is then crowned by the King of Redesmere on the lake shore before the start of a traditional family-oriented fete at the Village Hall.

It is a ceremony which began in 1936 and has continued since then apart from a break during the 1939-45 world war.

The event is always on the last Saturday in July at Siddington Village Hall, with a procession at 1.30 to the banks of Redesmere where the Water Lily Queen is crowned by the King of Redesmere. A traditional village fete follows back at the Village Hall with attractions for all the family.

In the evening there is a fun run, barbecue and disco, with entertainment for all the family.

Lots of photographs of the fete can be seen on the website Siddington Church.