About Us

The parish is much bigger than it first appears, stretching to the Clopton Bridge into Stratford and including the communities of Tiddington and part of suburban Stratford south of the river.
The church was built in 1839, part of the expansion and 'gentrification' of what previously had been a very rural village.
The parish, however, is much older, the boundaries were set in 983a.d. and the recently restored chancel of the Old Church lies to the north down Mill Lane.
The Church is not so much 'beautiful' as impressive. The Chancel, vestry and Lady Chapel were added in 1876 and the Chancel screen and much of the 'decoration' appeared in the early years of the 20th Century during the long incumbency of Canon Llewellyn.
The style of worship is 'moderate catholic' with a Eucharistic emphasis, although our monthly 'All-age' services are more relaxed and could be described as 'wacky' at times. Our worship then is supported by a lively Choir of over 40! We try to be open and friendly.