Choirs of St. Mary's

The first choir at the Collegiate Church of St Mary, Warwick, was founded nearly 900 years ago in 1123, and consisted of 6 “Quaeresters” and 6 “Vicars-Choral”. This remained the case until 1544 when the dissolution of the College was ordered by King Henry VIII. Despite destroying the choir school, the King founded what is now Warwick School, which provided the choristers until well into the 17th Century.

Today’s Choir is no longer limited to 6 boys and 6 men, and the Girls’ Choir was founded over 30 years ago in 1990. There remains a strong link with Warwick School and the Warwick Independent Schools Foundation, but choristers are drawn from a variety of schools in and around Warwick.

Choral singing is one of Britain’s richest traditions and a vibrant, living heritage which is often the preserve of our cathedrals. St Mary’s Choirs transform and inspire worship and enrich the community of Warwick.

The Choristers benefit from a world-class musical education, performing with the Gentlemen of the Choir in services at St Mary’s throughout the week, as well as in special services, concerts, and events across the region and the country. The Choirs have toured extensively, including to the USA, Russia, Germany, and France, and broadcast regularly on BBC Radio 2, 3, and 4. They have recently appeared live on BBC One Television for the annual Easter Day broadcast, have previously featured in BBC TV’s ‘Songs of Praise’, and boast a number of ‘BBC Choristers of the Year’ among their alumni.

The Choirs are supported by the Friends of St Mary’s Choir, helping to provide essentials without which the Choir would not be able to operate. They have recently provided assistance for choir trips to Bristol, Chester, Christ Church Oxford and Lincoln Cathedrals, Tewkesbury Abbey, the Chapel Royal Hampton Court, Westminster Abbey, and St Paul’s Cathedral London. If you would like to become a Friend of St Mary’s Choir, please see the Friends of St Mary's Choir page for more details.

The Director of Music is always happy to meet prospective choristers and their parents, and more information can be found on the St Mary’s Choirs and Music homepage