How do I find out about Christening / baptism?

The best things to do is to come along to one of our services. The 10am Sunday morning service is the most family friendly.

You can get an application form and chat to Rev’d Daniel (our Rector), or Rev’d Malcolm (our curate).

The Church of England also has an excellent website all about Christenings (

Also, the following information should help you decide if Christening is the right thing for you and/or your child…

God welcomes all who come to Him and longs that we should follow Him as our Lord. For over 2000 years people have held special services to celebrate new life, either when they become Christians or when they wish to give thanks for their children, and commit them to God.

St. Michael and All Angels Parish Church, Brimington is committed to serving the community within which we are based, and to share with it the Good News of Jesus Christ. Part of the purpose of the Church of God is to welcome new members into God’s family and to baptise those who come to Him in faith.

If you are looking to have your child baptised, or be baptised yourself at St. Michaels, please take the time to read this information.

Thinking about the Baptism of a Child (Christening)?

Christ calls people of all ages to follow Him, to be members of His Church. We at St. Michaels welcome children and families to be members of God’s family and to join us in our church life together.

We are delighted to share with parents in giving thanks for their children, praying for them, and helping them to develop as individuals and as Christians. Jesus invites all of us to walk with Him on the way of faith, the first step on this journey is traditionally Baptism (sometimes called Christening), but there are other options available if you and your family wish to mark the welcoming of a new member of your family, but you do not wish to make the full commitment of Baptism.

Good reasons to have a child baptised:

Baptism is a welcoming of the love of God into the life of a child and their family. To thank God for the arrival of a new child and for their family life. To pray for a child and that they will grow up to know the love of God in their lives and to choose for themselves to be Christian. To pray with the church for a child’s parents in the important task of parenthood. To accept the gift of God’s forgiveness on behalf of the child. For the child’s parents to commit to raise the child as a member of God’s church.

Not so good reasons to have a child baptised:

To make sure they go to heaven if they die young – God loves all people whether or not they are baptised. The Bible tells us that God will judge people on the content of their hearts and how they lived their lives, not whether or not they have had a vicar sprinkle water on their head… “Grandma wants us to get the baby done” – this is quite common, and families can put a lot of pressure on parents to get their child “Christened”. But Grandma isn’t raising the child. Having a child baptised is a choice which must be made by the child’s parents. The parents must choose, even if some relative disagree. To name the child – this is done when you register the birth, in the baptism the child is brought before God, but this is to introduce the child formally to God, not to legally name them. To have a party – you can have a party for the birth of a child without going to church first. Baptism is a serious commitment made by parents and Godparents to raise their child as a churchgoing Christian.

What kind of services are available?

Thanksgiving for the birth of a child – in this service, usually performed with just the child’s immediate family and friends present, is a service of thanksgiving where we say “thank you” to God for the safe arrival of the child. Within this short service we say some prayers for the child and their parents and we also say a special prayer of Blessing over the child. Thanksgiving for the gift of a child – this service is very similar to the above service, but has been specially written to welcome an adopted child into a family. The service is worded to acknowledge that the child may not have been biologically born into the family, but that the love which the family share is exactly the same as if they had. Baptism (also known as Christening) – the Baptism service involves a child’s parents and Godparents making promises before God to raise their child as a Christian. As a symbol of this commitment the child is marked with the sign of the Cross. The child then has water poured over their head as a sign that they are starting their new life as a member of God’s church and that they will know God’s forgiveness in their lives. An important part of the Baptism service is that, at their Baptism, a child is also welcomed by the whole Church as the newest member of God’s family. For this reason Baptism services are often performed during our regular Sunday worship at 10am.

What to do if you would like to have a service of Thanksgiving or a Baptism for your child/children?

Talk to the Rector: the first step is to approach the Rector (Daniel). Due to problems with taking bookings over the telephone in the past we only take bookings to arrange baptism and thanksgiving services in person. The easiest way to do this is to speak to Daniel after a service (Sundays: 8:30am and 10am or Thursdays: 9:30am). If you are unable to do this please get in touch (details on contacts page). Following your initial enquiry and completion of an application form one of our team will set up a time to meet with you to discuss arranging a service and will give you a copy of this material on a leaflet to read in preparation for that meeting in case you have not already read this information. At the meeting you will discuss the meaning of Christening/Baptism and whether you wish to make this commitment or if you would rather have a Thanksgiving service and look at Baptism in future. If you haven’t already attended a regular service at St Michaels you may be asked to attend a service at St. Michaels before making this decision. Once you have decided that you wish to have your child baptised or have a Thanksgiving service for them then a member of our team will book your service with you on a suitable date and time.