Supported Charities

RAHOCA ( RWENZORI AIDS HOME CARE ASSOCIATION) is a health care project that we have regularly supported since a visit to Uganda by a diocesan team, 20 years ago now. RAHOCA, is based in a rural Ugandan community, Kasese, in South Rwenzori, area of Uganda, not far from Queen Elizabeth National Park on the edge of the Rwenzori mountains 'mountains of the moon'. The project manager Erifazi Bwbale and his wife and family live within the project compound and have delivered healthcare, practical and spiritual support to the community around Kasese and farther afield in South Rwenzori district. Over the years that St. John’s has supported RAHOCA a number of members have visited the project. This helps to cement this link in a very real way and see at first hand the challenges that Erifazi and his team face on a daily basis. We most recently visited the project in 2018 when we were able to spend a week with Erifazi, visiting families, schools and communities were RAHOCA offers help and support. It is a privilege to share with him and his family the joy of serving his local community and experiencing the wide range of needs that exist Rwenzori. It is humbling to reflect on the huge difference that our long term financial contribution makes to the lives of so many. Erifazi has boundless energy and drive and constantly seeks to see how God can use him and his team to provide for the physical and spiritual needs of those he serves. (contact Dave Bennett)

Café Jericho (God’s love demonstrated through friendship, good advice and practical help) grew out of an initiative by St John’s, Geoffrey Allen Gamesley, and Holy Trinity Dinting. The café, located on the Winster Mews in Gamesley, is a is a place of Christian outreach in the community which also offers support to those who need it be it through a prayer, a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, more practical assistance or signposting to agencies who address more specific problems. It is a meeting place for the community providing affordable food and drink and a warm and friendly welcome. The cafe is managed by Nick & Donna, members of St James Church, Whitfield, Glossop. (contact Sue Davies)

Bare Necessities have amalgamated with the Glossopdale Food Bank which is part of the Bureau. Donations can be left at St. John’s as well as the many other local collection points such as the one at Tesco.

Children's Society a number of social and fund raising events are arranged during the year in support of the Children's Society (contact John & Ann Howarth)