The Pastoral Care Team - still here for you

The Pastoral Care Team have discussed the current situation and would like to make it clear that all church members and the wider community are being remembered in our thoughts and prayers at this difficult time.

Should there be a need for personal prayer or simply a need for a quick chat to a friendly voice if you live alone or are self-isolating, then you can contact one of us on the numbers below.

You may wish to include the following in your daily prayer times:

Father God we pray for all affected by all kinds of sickness and especially the current virus. We pray for those who are ill, those who are self-isolating, those who are caring for and nursing patients, those who are scared, those whose lives, livelihoods and schooling are disrupted and those who are working on a vaccine. May we be always mindful of their needs and seek out ways to fulfil them. Amen.

The Pastoral Care Team Contact Nos

Revd Susan Cooke 01242 321806 Mr Robert Poole 01452 855660

Mrs Clare Stewart 01242 862598 Mrs Sue Padfield 01452 862509

Mrs Chris Nation 01242 521280 Mrs Mary Tombs 01452 713200