Church of England Diocese of Gloucester Witcombe with Bentham

Returning to gathered worship - our current pattern of services

From Easter 2021 we are now resuming some of our in person services, and we will also continue with benefice worship online for quite some time.

This is our current pattern of gathered service across the Benefice each month:

1st Sunday 10am Facebook live 3pm Holy Communion at St Mary’s

2nd Sunday 10am Facebook live 11:30 Holy Communion at Holy Trinity

3pm Non eucharistic worship at St Paul’s

3rd Sunday 10am Facebook live 3pm Non eucharistic worship at St Mary’s

4th Sunday 10am Facebook live 11:30 Non eucharistic worship at Holy Trinity 3pm Holy Communion at St Paul’s

5th Sunday 10am Facebook live No gathered worship

4pm zoom 5th Sunday service

Facebook and Zoom services will continue, and telephone support is also available.

Every week:

Facebook live prayers during the day Monday to Friday at noon

Morning Prayer by zoom every Thurs at 9am.

Non eucharistic worship maybe indoors or outdoors, according to weather and local preference.

Holy Communion services will be inside.

Keeping everybody safe when attending gathered worship -

Previously, we have worked hard to encourage people to attend any and all of our three churches, to help us grow as a benefice, but for the time being, we now encourage you to attend your usual church, if possible, so that we can keep numbers manageable and safe. We won't turn you away though, unless we simply cannot safely accommodate you.

As you arrive, stewards will direct you to your seats and you are expected to leave as soon as the service ends, as directed by the stewards and using the one way systems that will be in place. Please wear face coverings if you are able to, and bring your hand sanitiser.

Please bring your own bibles to all services (or print a copy of the weekly sheet) if you would like to follow the readings. If outdoors, please bring a chair and an umbrella (although we will have completed a risk assessment for indoor worship too, so if it is very inclement, we can go inside the church). We will provide some chairs.

We are very grateful to everyone for the hard work they have done and will do in order to get our buildings and churchyards ready for gathered worship and especially to those who will be leading worship in gathered spaces or online. You will know that the gathered services need to be short and there are many other differences for the time being. We cannot sing, we need to speak gently, we need to keep physically distanced at all times.

All of these measures should give us confidence that we have made the environment as safe as possible, so that we can properly enjoy our gathered worship, while maintaining our online presence, which has been and continues to be a source of great comfort to so many.