The Sempringham Site - a Timeline

Pre 400 - The Romans construct the Car Dyke which runs South - North to the east of the Pointon - Billingborough Road.

Mid 400's - The Romans leave England and the Fens drainage starts to deteriorate.

600's - Saxon Times

852 - Wulfred is let the land at Sempringham by the Abbot of Peterborough.

1083 - 1189 The Life of Gilbert de Sempringham. 1100 - Jocelin de Sempringham (Father to Gilbert) built the church of St. Andrews on the site of an earlier Saxon church.

1131 - Gilbert built accommodation on the north wall of St. Andrews for seven women, having inherited his father's assets.

1139 - Gilbert de Gant gave Gilbert de Sempringham the valley land 350 yards to the south and south-west of St Andrews to build a Priory on.

1283 - Edward I asked the Prior to admit Princess Gwenllian, daughter of Prince Llewellyn of Wales (more correctly spelt as Llywelyn) to the Order at Sempringham. The request was granted and Gwenllian was held captive.

1284 - The seven daughters of Prince David of Wales fell into the hands of Edward I and were also held at Sempringham Priory.

1290 - The Priory Church was in need of major repairs and Pope Nicholas IV encouraged pilgrims to the site to raise the funds required.

1301 - The building of a new and larger church at Sempringham began.

1303 - Canon Robert Manning of Bourne, wrote his satirical book "Handlyng Sinne" at Sempringham.

16th Century - Following the Dissolution the Priory was bought by the Clintons, demolished and a large residence built in its place. Today, nothing of either is visible, save a large earthworks on the Western edge of the Priory site.