It would be a fair question to ask why our village church has a web page, why the village still has a church and even why the Christian Church itself exists.

Whether it is our Medieval Stone structure of St Andrews - or our tin & timber Victorian base of Christchurch - our buildings take up much of our time and money - why bother? Part of the answer is that the buildings are only a small part of the story - they are "church buildings" they are not "the Church". The Church is the people who come together as a community of believers of Jesus Christ.

So...why do we do that?

We are here because we believe we have fantastic Good News to share with our community:

   that God created us all - and sent his son, Jesus Christ, to live with us 2,000 years ago

   that Christ died on a cross, on our behalf, so that all the things we do wrong may be forgiven

   that Christ came back to life 3 days later - so offering us all a chance to get to know him now

   that by accepting Christ as our friend and Lord - we can find purpose and joy in this life - and eventually be with God in Heaven when we die

That tremendous message makes sense of life, gives us hope for the future and gives us the strength, through the Holy Spirit, to live our lives loving, supporting and caring for each other...

...that is why we are here - and why we invite all to join us!

For any support or information - please contact the webmaster on [email protected] or any of the Benefice Ministry Team:

Rev'd Jean Blanchard, Rev'd Rob Varty, Rev'd Christine Pocock, Rev'd Maria Pallis, Keith King, Patsy King, Lizzie Hallam, Janet Sumner