Church of England Diocese of Lincoln Sempringham with Pointon

Pointon & Sempringham Parochial Church Council

The Sempringham site is dominated by the Anglican Parish Church of St. Andrews. Together with its Mission Church (Christchurch in Pinfold Lane, Pointon) St. Andrews is host to a full range of Christian events throughout the year, ranging from the annual atmospheric candlelit Christmas Eve Service at St. Andrews to the weekly Tuesday morning drop-in "Cornerstone" at Christchurch.

Worship is also just as varied, with the Billingborough organist making full use of the manually pumped pipe organ for group services at Sempringham, to intimate informal morning worship using an electronic keyboard and modern worship songs at Pointon. One of the two churches will usually host an act of worship three times in a typical month. Because of the absence of electricity at Sempringham, St. Andrews is used more in the summer months, with Christchurch being the focus during the colder, darker days of the year.

Both churches are run by the single Pointon & Sempringham PCC, who meet regularly to plan worship, outreach, fundraising and social events throughout the year.

More information is available from the webmaster (Keith King - Churchwarden) by emailing: [email protected]

The PCC meet throughout the year and also hold an Annual Parochial Church Meeting for the PCC and members of the Church Electoral Role. Minutes of the 2019 meeting are attached.

Vestry_Meeting_and_APCM_02042019, PDF