Church of England Diocese of Lincoln Boothby Pagnell

Benefice Contacts

Benefice Contacts

Rector Anna Sorensen 07793544238 01476586991

Boothby Pagnell Tom Blake Churchwarden 01476585898

Boothby Pagnell Julia Riley Parish Safeguarding Co-ordinator 01476585344

Braceby & Humby Colin McGarrigle Churchwarden & Lay Minister 01476585909

Ingoldsby Kate Welbourne Churchwarden 01476585812

Ingoldsby Hilary Gilbert Churchwarden 01476585979

Ingoldsby Diana Burrows Lay Minister and Parish Safeguarding Co-ordinator 01476585513

Lenton Tony Clayton Churchwarden & Lay Minister 01476585711

Lenton Peter Dobney Churchwarden 01476585766

Old Somerby Len Watson Churchwarden 01476568439

Ropsley Helen Sloss Churchwarden 01476585433

Ropsley Ken Mann Lay Reader 01476585574

Sapperton & Humby Fred Mann Churchwarden & Lay Minister 01476585905