Church of England Diocese of Lincoln Burton le Coggles

St Thomas of Canterbury’s Church, Burton-le-Coggles

Corby Glen Group Virtual Church (web address: has been developed as an immediate response to the closing down of public worship throughout the country.

The website provides text and recordings of simple services and other resources that provide a way for us to continue our daily corporate worship of God, even though we are now isolated in the confines of our own homes. The recordings are also available as Apple Podcasts and Google/Android Podcasts – How to Subscribe to the Podcast.

There are also sermons and meditations that are intended to help us all as we journey through these difficult and challenging days.

Revds Stephen and Aron are conducting services of Morning and Evening Prayer, and Revd Stephen is offering a daily celebration of the Eucharist, in their respective homes. During these services they are holding everyone in their communities in prayer, as well as praying that these challenging times might soon come to an end.

The Archbishops stated that: ‘Being a part of the Church of England is going to look very different in the days ahead. Our life is going to be less characterised by attendance at Church on Sunday, and more characterised by the prayer and service we offer each day.’ That ‘prayer and service’ does not only involve the daily worship of God but caring for neighbours, including continued support of initiatives such as the Food Bank, donations for which may be given to Corby Glen Co-op Shop, and where appropriate volunteering to support the vulnerable in our communities, working together with other groups.

Funerals can continue to take place, but under restricted circumstances. Please speak to Revd Stephen about this.

Let us continue to pray for our country, our leaders, our communities and the mission of our Church during these challenging times.

For further information and support please visit Corby Glen Group Virtual Church

The whole benefice is committed to the safeguarding of children, young people and adults. We follow the House of Bishops guidance. For more details, including who to contact if you have any concerns, please see Promoting a safer church and Keeping Safe – linked to on this page.

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