Worship at St John’s and beyond

Worship is at the heart of the life of every church community. When we come together in worship we are acknowledging our place within the congregation of Christ's faithful followers in this place; we are also being fed and strengthened by the word of scripture and by our mutual life of prayer. Worship is vital in the life of every person who professes the faith of Jesus Christ.

The Church is open daily for prayer

St John's church, Corby Glen, is open throughout the day, every day of the year. As well as being open to all, there is the opportunity for anyone to light a candle and offer a silent prayer in our inspiring and welcoming church.

Holy Communion

A midweek service of Holy Communion takes place every Wednesday at 10am. This quiet and reflective celebration of the Eucharist provides an oasis of prayerful calm in the middle of busy lives.

Services on Sunday mornings

On Sundays we come together at 11am for either Morning Worship (a Service of the Word led by our Authorised Lay Minister) or the celebration of Holy Communion. Singing is a key part of both services; St John's is fortunate to be able to call on the services of two faithful organists.

Home Communions

Over the last year there has been a rise in the number of people receiving Holy Communion in their homes. This is an important ministry for those who are not able to attend church due to physical frailty. This ministry is open to anyone. Holy Communion at home can be a simple service of one-to-one worship and prayer, or it can be for a group of family and friends gathered in support of an elderly or isolated person. If you know someone who would benefit from this ministry, please speak to Revd Stephen. And ... please do not assume that he is too busy! There is always time to bring God’s love into the lives of those who feel alone and forgotten.

Messy Church

Messy Church goes from strength to strength. When Messy Church takes place (usually around the major church festivals) we see a regular congregation of around fifty people. Of course, Messy Church is not just for the young! It is truly an all-age experience of Church. It is great fun and it is wonderful to see all those young people engaged in activities, stories and prayers that give them some contact with the life and teaching of our Lord. By the way – we could always do with more helpers!

During the days of the pandemic, Messy Church continued to thrive via Activity Bags distributed to local families.

Church Festivals

Throughout the year there are moments when the Church is given the opportunity to minister to those who are not regular churchgoers. The great festivals of Christmas and Easter are two such moments in the year. There are also those other times, such as Harvest and Remembrance Day, when we welcome many visitors in our churches.

As well as the great established festivals we have an annual special service which is designed to help those who are mourning the passing of a loved one. 

The worship life at St John’s is flourishing – let us pray that it will continue to grow and grow ...