Church of England Diocese of Lincoln Great and Little Coates with Bradley


June & July christenings following Government Announcement about delay of lockdown easing.

What you need to know following the Government announcement that the easing of Lockdown will be delayed until Monday July 19 (christenings after this date should not be affected).

The delay is in effect a pressing of the ‘pause button’ at Step 3 and its requirements. The Government has made no exceptions to the Step 3 constraints for christenings. This means:

Numbers are limited to 30 people per christening party, which includes the parents and child(ren) being christened. It does not include the staff of the church who are in addition. There are no exceptions to this limit.

Social-Distancing is still in operation, however under Step 3 we can group your guests in groups of up to six from different households or more if they are from only one or two households.

Face-Coverings must still be worn in church except for those who are exempt.

Hand-Sanitising is still necessary upon entry and exit from the church.

Test & Trace you will need to provide the name and contact details of a member of each household attending.

It is important to remember that the Government has not yet published any details of its review of social distancing and the wearing of face-coverings in advance of the easing of Lockdown. A common misconception is that these will be removed when Lockdown is lifted. This has NOT yet been confirmed, and so you are advised that even when we pass July 19 they may still be required.

We believe your child is precious to God, just as they're precious to you! We'd love to help you celebrate that with a christening in church. A christening (or baptism - they mean the same thing) is a special ceremony where water is poured on the head three times, as a symbol of new life and new beginnings, as well as welcoming a child into God's family.

If you would like to arrange a Christening at St. Michael's, please come to the Parish Office which is open every Saturday between 10 & 12 in Church, Great Coates Road, Little Coates DN34 4ND and we will be able to help you.

For URGENT matters please contact the Rector on 01472 280 477 or email: [email protected]