Keeping Safe (Safeguarding)

At St Lawrence's we take safeguarding seriously.

Abuse is the violation of an individual’s human and civil rights by any other person or persons.

Abuse is always harmful.

Not everyone can protect themselves from harm.

Safeguarding is the term we use to describe the action taken to promote the welfare of individuals who are vulnerable and the action we take to protect them from harm and abuse of all kinds. Safeguarding is a term that is applied in relation to both children and adults. It requires a proactive approach and places equal importance on the promotion of welfare and protection from abuse. It is essentially an approach that states we all have the right to feel safe all of the time and that an individual’s safety should be guarded well. Further it implies that we have a responsibility to each other in promoting safety and in challenging and preventing abuse.

The Diocese of Lincoln is committed to ensuring that the very best practice in relation to safeguarding is delivered across the diocese.

Safeguarding concerns can be reported to the Churchwarden Stephen Woodcock.  (Mob: 07889 343877)  We also have a Parochial Church Council Safeguarding Officer, Jenny Ballantyne, who is contactable through the Deanery Office on 01507 610247.

The Diocese of Lincoln has a team of professionally qualified and dedicated safeguarding professionals who provide specialist advice, confidential support to parishes and to individuals, approved safeguarding training, qualified risk assessment and support to allegations management processes across the whole diocese.

The Diocesan Safeguarding Team consists of:

Jack Redeyoff, Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser: 01522 50 40 80/07885 999907

Gemma Marks-Good, Safeguarding Support Case Worker: 01522 50 40 79

Gemma Smith, Safeguarding Team Administrator: 01522 50 40 68

Serious safeguarding issues should be reported immediately to Lincolnshire Police, or the Lincolnshire County Council Social Services safeguarding staff.

Copies of the safeguarding policies to which we strictly adhere at St Lawrence's can be found at the rear of church.

The Diocese of Lincoln website has a safeguarding section at

You can scroll down and follow the SAFEGUARDING link at the bottom of this and each "A Church Near You" page to find more details and contact information for the Diocese of Lincoln safeguarding staff.