War Memorial

The tablet in the church porch records the names of those Fulstownians who lost their lives in the First and Second World Wars. The War Memorial is at the front of the Village Hall, on Main Street.

The memorial was unveiled in November 2005, paid for by public subscription.  This generated interest from far and wide, with the national media publishing the story.  There had been no memorial to the fallen of the Great War, nor those of World War II until this time.

The reason for this was that Pte Charles Henry Kirman was executed in 1917 having been found guilty of desertion. Villagers at the time strongly felt that if his name could not be recorded on a memorial there should be no memorial.

In 2017, a hundred years since Pte Kirman's death, a service of commemoration in his honour was held at the war memorial.

Every Remembrance Sunday a service is held.

The story of the war memorial captured the interest of a playwright, and a production "The Fulstow Boys" toured the country in 2018, and was performed at the Fulstow Village Hall.  (Please note that one word of mildly bad language is present in the "Youtube" clip, which is wholly within the context of the theatrical production.)