About Us

Welcome to All Saints, one of the Church of England churches in Old Swan!  Although our legal name is 'All Saints, Stoneycroft', we are actually sited on Broad Green Road - and none of Stoneycroft is in our parish!

All Saints Church is part of the wider family of the Church of England, and we also work closely with other churches around the area.
We are based on Broad Green Rd , Old Swan, Liverpool L13 5SH. The main door into church, and the main entrance to our hall, the Oakhill Room, are on Broad Green Road.  We have a small car park, located off Saints Close, behind the church.
We believe that the good news or gospel message of new life in the Lord Jesus Christ is the only answer that satisfies, in the bewildering, often torn and violent world of today.
There is much to celebrate together, but we also all experience plenty of scary stuff, all sorts of messes happen to each one of us and it is wonderful and amazing to know how God is into fresh starts, renewing and healing our lives.

 the Church email address ([email protected]