Baptism (Christening) Information and Frequently Asked Questions


Please read all of the following information below about baptism as it will answer most questions and help with your enquiry.

Thank you very much for your baptism/christening enquiry.  We are unable to process queries about availability by email or telephone.  We arrange baptisms after the 10.00am Sunday Service.  


In order for a baptism/christening to take place, it is necessary that the candidate must live within the Parish boundary of St Mary’s. You can check this yourself by typing your postcode into this link:

If the candidate does not live within the parish of St Mary's, then the candidate’s family must have an active and strong connection through their regular attendance at St Mary’s

Frequently Asked Questions, Answers and Information:

How far in advance can we arrange a service?

The current projection is around three months. 

Why can’t we pick our own date for the Christening?

Sorry no!  This is because the dates have already been set and planned in advance.   

How do I know if I live within the parish of St Mary's?

No problem!  You can check this by typing your full postcode into this link

We don’t live in the parish of St Mary's 

The best way to proceed is to contact the Clergy at your parish church.  You can check this by using  This site will list your parish church for where you live.  The only exception to this is that there must be an active and strong connection to St Mary's.

What does an active and strong connection mean?

Some people, who do not live within the parish of St Mary's, have chosen to attend St Mary's on a regular basis week by week and have done so for a long time. This constitutes an 'active and strong connection' and certainly affords them the same privilege as those who reside in the parish.  In other words, St Mary's has become, and very much is, ‘their church’.

I know we’re outside the Parish of St Mary's, but how can we build up a strong connection and then have a baptism service?

Regularly attending the worship means that you’ll also be making St Mary’s your church too.  Making an 'active and strong connection' for at least 3 months or more will enable you to eventually proceed with a booking. It will be great if you can join us. You’re always welcome.

I was or my other children christened at St Mary's.

We do understand that there may be some strong ties if you or someone in your family was baptised here. Regrettably, this does not mean that there is an automatic right. If your live outside the parish of St Mary's, and this is really important to you, then you can always attend church for at least 3 months or more and then book the baptism.

I used to go to St Mary’s School

It’s fantastic that you have a connection to the church through the school that you attended and we would welcome you back at any time, but this is not directly connected to booking a baptism

I want my child to go to St Mary’s CE Primary School

Again, candidates should live within the parish of St Mary's or have an 'active and strong connection' with the church. You are advised to consult the school's admission policy which is available from St Mary’s CE Primary School.

I want to know more about baptism – what is it all about?

Brilliant! Just have a chat with the Rector, other of our Clergy or Ministers and we'll take it from there.

Can adults be baptised (christened)?

Most definitely – you can be baptised at any age. Go for it!

How to book a Baptism.

1. Please check to ensure that you live in the Parish of St Mary's or that you have an active and strong connection to St Mary's and then attend the main 10.00am Sunday Service.

2. At the end of the service please ask for a Baptism Booking form. You'll be invited to take the form away and complete it at your leisure. 

3. Bring the completed form back to church.

4. We will check that you live in the parish of St Mary’s or that there is an active and strong connection then we’ll offer some choice of availability and make the booking.

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