Baptism Certificates

Baptism Certificates: Baptism Certificates for St Mary's West Derby or St James West Derby may only be obtained by making a written request. The fee for this is £14.00 and can be paid upon collection or by sending a cheque in the post.  Please tell us how you would like to receive your certificate.  If necessary and upon completion of the certificate we will supply you with further details. The information we will need is as follows: 

* Please state which church - St Mary's or St James

* Full name of the candidate as on the day of the Baptism.

* The candidates date of birth.

* The approximate date of baptism (year and month). 

* The address of the candidate at the time of Baptism.

* Your current address and telephone number.

* If requested by post, then we will require your cheque along with a stamped self addressed envelope (large enough to accommodate an A5 sized certificate).  We will give you the address to write to when we contact you.

Thank you.