Marriage Information


We are unable to process queries about available dates or new bookings by email or over the telephone. The following is initial information to assist you with your enquiry:

Please read the following general information. 

In order to make initial enquiries about booking a wedding you should speak to us in person after a Sunday morning service when we will provide you with further information.

At St Mary's we arrange weddings for the current year and the following year.

There are legal conditions that must be met before we are able to conduct a wedding at St Mary's.  We hope that the following important information helps.

St Mary’s is a Church of England Parish Church. The following criteria applies to us and to all Church of England Parish Churches. Couples must have what is called a ‘Qualifying Connection’ to the church they intend to get married.  The law states that couples need to have a Qualifying Connection. Here is a brief summary of the Qualifying Connections:

We are able to hold weddings for anyone who:

1. Currently lives in the parish and proof of identity.  We will need to see a driving licence or council tax bill to prove your address and a current passport to prove your identity.

If you do not live in the parish then one of these qualifying connections must apply to either of the couple:

2. If either of you, during your lifetime, lived in the parish for 6 months or more.  We will need to see some evidence for this such as an old bank statement.

3. If either of your parents or grandparents married at this churchWe will need to see a marriage certificate for your parents or grandparents.

4. If either of you were baptised or confirmed hereWe will need to see your baptism or confirmation certificate.

5. If either you has attended the church where you wish to be married for 6 months or more. We have a booklet which couples can use to have their attendance recorded.  We can proceed with a booking after a 6 month period of recorded attendance.

Please note that the absence of the requested documentary evidence will delay the progression of the the booking until it is provided. It is the responsibility of the couple to provide original copies of documents which will be returned to you.

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