Church of England Diocese of Liverpool Saint Mary the Virgin with Saint James, West Derby



We are unable to process queries about availability or new bookings by email or telephone. 

Please read all of the following information.  You'd be welcome to pop in and see us on a Sunday after the 10.00am service to have an informal chat about wedding, and if necessary after reading the information below, make an appointment. 

Current HM Government directions state that weddings may take place in church with a maximum of 15 guests.

We hope that the following, slightly more technical, information helps.

St Mary’s is a Church of England Parish Church. The following criteria applies to us and to all Church of England Parish Churches. Couples must have what is called a ‘Qualifying Connection’ to the church they intend to get married. We're sorry that it’s not as straightforward as picking a church and this is because the law states that couples need to have a Qualifying Connection. So, here’s a brief summary of the Qualifying Connections:

We are certainly able to hold weddings for anyone who:

1. Currently lives in the parish.  We'd just need to see a driving licence or council tax bill.

If you do not live in the parish then one of these qualifying connections must apply to either of the couple:

2. If either of you, during your lifetime, lived in the parish for 6 months or more.  We'd need to see something evidence for this - like an old bank statement.

3. If either of your parents or grandparents married at this churchWe'd need to see the marriage certificate.

4. If either of you were baptised or confirmed hereWe'd need to see the baptism or confirmation certificate.

5. If either you has attended the church you intend to marry regularly for 6 months or more.  Hopefully we'd know you after 6 months but we do also have a booklet which couples can use!!!

It should be pointed out that anyone applying to marry under one of the above Qualifying Connections from 2 – 6 has to provide for the church documentary evidence. 

We know that it's a lot to digest, but we can help and we're here to assist on Sundays after the 10.00 service.