About Us

Bigger Church, Bigger Difference

We're a group of all kinds of people with all kinds of questions coming together to discover more about Jesus, each other and God's amazing plans for us and our world. We are on an exciting journey along with a number of other churches across St. Helens to get Fit for Mission - a new way of looking at church and mission.

We believe that in Jesus we have life and life in all its fullness, and we enjoy nothing more than to share this good news with others. In a busy and challenging world we come together in a loving, supporting community, not just on a Sunday, but throughout the week. We are part of the Diocese of Liverpool and we are asking God to give us a Bigger Church to make a Bigger Difference in the world. We want to see more people coming to know Jesus and more justice in all areas of life in St. Helens, the UK and the world.

Community is what you will find at St. Andrews. A place to come as you are, to journey together, to be encouraged and learn about discipleship, and we would love for you to join us.

We'd love to welcome you along on a Sunday or at any of our weekly events and activities. Check out our calendar on our main website for up to date information.

Faith, Community, Justice

In a busy and challenging world we are a people on a journey of growing in faith. We don't have all the answers, but in Jesus we are accepted into a life of worship, a life of both joy and sacrifice, and a life of learning more about his abundant love and grace. We are a community who walk together on this path, who encourage each other along the way, building relationship, family and a culture of honour.