What We Believe

Knowing Jesus, Growing in Jesus, Showing Jesus

We believe that in Jesus we have life and life in all its fullness, and we enjoy nothing more than to share this good news with others. But for us to really show Jesus, to share this good news, we first must know Jesus and grow in his abundant grace.

We believe in the word of God, and this is given to us in the form of scripture. We are a community who listen to God's word, and the Bible can teach us and refresh us every day. Our Sunday gatherings include a word from scripture and teaching to support this. We believe that scripture helps to form the cornerstone of our faith and is a vital part of our worship. We believe that worship should be inclusive and at St. Andrews we have a varied style of worship from contemplative to lively, for young and old.

We believe that fellowship and community help us to grow in Jesus. Our Sunday worship is one piece in a larger tapestry that brings us closer to a deeper relationship with the Father. Often, we can have questions about scripture and what we hear on a Sunday. To know Jesus more, to grow in Jesus, we have a number of communities and groups that you can get involved with. These allow time to study the bible, to chat, to ask questions and to enjoy fellowship and food together.

We believe that showing Jesus comes from knowing him and growing in him. We can all show Jesus by living a life of Kingdom values, encouraging a culture of honour and respect, and having the faith to share our own unique stories with others. All of us have a story to tell, whether we are at the start of our journey or looking to take that first step, or have been on the road for a long time. We would love to hear your story.