Our Church today

Newchurch today has a welcoming congregation. The church has an active Junior church that usually meets each Sunday and our young people help to lead services on special days like Easter, Christmas, Mothering Sunday and Harvest

At present the church is in an interregnum and is in the process of working towards a new appointment.

In the meantime the parish of Newchurch with the parish of Christ Church, Croft are served by a Ministry Team made up of 3 retired clergy, 2 Licenced Lay Readers, and a Worship Team.

In the meantime please contact the following retired clergy or lay contact for specific requests

Rev Pat Gray                 01925 763750 / 07747772345    [email protected] (for funerals )

Rev Alan Litton             01925 516026 / 07505561054    [email protected] (for weddings)

Rev Alex Clephane       01925 764031                                [email protected]

Mrs Janet Rees             01925 767147                               [email protected] (for baptisms)

The church will be open on Wednesdays between 7p.m. and 8p.m for preliminary bookings of baptisms and weddings.


This year has been extremely difficult for many people, for businesses and for charities.

The church is no exception to financial struggle. This church relies on donations to provide care and support to everyone in this community. Now more than ever, please consider  giving generously to support our mission and ministry. 

 Please follow this link to make a donation no matter how small. 


Thank you for your support.