Church Records

Although all the original Church Records have now been transferred to the county records office in Chester Online copies can be found at

A copy of the following church records were produced in 1970.

Vol 4 Baptisms  1813 to 1838
Vol 5 Burials      1813 to 1842
Vol 6 Baptisms  1838 to 1665
Vol 1 Marriages 1837 to 1890

At the same time a volume listing grave locations and the Monumental Inscriptions in the Graveyard was also produced

The Transcription, editing & indexing was carried out by Mr. J.R. Bulmer with the assent of the Rector of Newchurch, the Rev’d J.G. Preston and the Rector of Croft with Southworth, Cannon H. A. C. Hughes.

The Typing was carried out by Miss D.I. Winn.

It is planned that a PDF copy of the first 3 volumes of the records (1599-1812) which were transcribed in in 1905 will be available soon. As the entries are available from the website above it is planned that the “introduction” and “Miscellaneous entries” will be made available first

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Monumental_Inscriptions_of_Newchurch_and_Graveyard, PDF