Despite the emergence of alternative venues in recent years, many couples still prefer to begin married life by making their vows before God in the traditional setting of their local parish church. Getting married in church introduces an important spiritual dimension that is absent from secular, everyday venues: couple receive God's blessing and make the sincere and binding promise of a life-long commitment to one another in the presence of God and in front of witnesses.

Anyone who has resided in the parish for at least six months has a legal right to be married at St John’s. Only one of you need live in the parish and neither partner needs to be baptised. You can also marry at St John’s if you can demonstrate a ‘pastoral connection’ with the church, a broad term covering other reasons allowing a church marriage. For example this would include anyone who has habitually attended services there for six months or whose parent or grandparent was married at St John’s. Revd Liz can explain this in greater detail.

The Church of England views marriage as a lifetime commitment between a man and a woman. We recognise that some marriages do fail, so we accept that a divorced person may marry again in church. Revd Liz will be able to advise on this. If you are in a same-sex relationship and would like to talk about the possibilities of a service of blessing, Revd Liz would be pleased to discuss this.

There is also information available here:

If it is not possible for you to marry at St John’s, it might still be possible for us to bless your marriage following a civil ceremony.

How much will it cost?

The basic statutory fee for marrying at St John's £531 ( statutory fees 2024)If you live in St John's Parish. However, the cost of the verger, the organist, the choir and any other extras will increase this.

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