Cell groups

Yes, but … Why … What if … … ?

Children have the wonderful capability to soak up knowledge, learn and grow, often by asking the almost impossible to answer questions.

As children of God do we have the same wonder and inquisitiveness, to ever delve deeper into the questions niggling in the backs of our minds? How often do we feel like jumping up in the middle of a sermon and asking those very questions, - Yes, but … , Why… , What if … ? Of course Sunday morning isn’t the place for that (except perhaps over coffee afterwards!).

No matter how long we’ve been members of God’s family we are still His children and often the longer we have been in the church, the more one question answered leads to further avenues for investigation and growth.

Hebrews encourages us to build up our spiritual diet, and by meeting together (weekly/fortnightly/monthly?) and sharing we can grow together (as Bob Hoskins once said for BT “It’s good to talk!”).

A home or cell group provides us with that opportunity.